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Rochester, NY is located in an area of the world once referred to as ‘The Burned Over District’. The phrase spawned from the idea that so many people in Central and Western NY associated with a faith that the ‘lamp oil’ of the ‘spirit’ had entirely ‘burned up’ here. In the early to mid-1800′s religiosity ran rampant in this area and numerous faiths, sects and denominations built a way of life and some incredible buildings to go along with them. Many of those religious groups laid the solid base for the City of Rochester to be built.

Today many of those buildings and groups are still there, but we take them for granted and pass them daily assuming they’re getting by just fine. The truth is, much of our city’s incredible history may some day be lost. We want you to come with us and experience history first hand before it’s gone.
We in no way, shape or form want to promote any faith over another. We aim only to provide a platform where you can join us in seeing the inside of historic buildings, learning about new faiths and meeting new people.
Based on a similar model to theĀ Buffalo Mass Mob, the ROCMassMob is a project brought to you by the guys behindĀ Exploring The Burned Over District, a blog about visiting the unique sacred spots around Upstate NY. Now instead of just reading about us visiting and experiencing these places, it’s time for you to join us.
Mission Statement: To provide awareness and promote education about the different faith communities, architecture, art and history that have helped establish the Greater Rochester Area.
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